1Who is Geometrix Engineering?
Geometrix Engineering is a one-man operation owned and operated by Neal Rosenblum. The corporation is not associated with any "fly-by-night" Invention Submission Corporation types of outfits.
2What types of products does Geometrix Engineering design for its customers?
We design just about anything. From simple single part products to very complicated electro-mechanical devices, we can take your idea from a "napkin sketch" to production. Over the years, some of the many products we have designed include an electro-mechanical medical device (spinal stiffness gage), a motorized IP pan/tilt/zoom periscope, reverse-engineered an array of aircraft engine components for PMA approval, coolant leak detectors for automotive A/C diagnostics, child safety devices, and much more.
3How much time will it take to design my product?
The typical project completed by Geometrix Engineering takes between 2 days and 3 weeks. We can provide mechanical design and engineering services on a by-the-project basis or on a retainer basis at a reduced rate for those individuals or companies requiring mechanical engineering services on a more continuous basis.
4How soon can I have a working prototype?
Only after the 3D data has been created can an accurate quote for a prototype be provided to the customer. This is due to the fact that the costs of all of the rapid prototyping technologies are primarily based upon volume of material and machine time required to fabricate the prototypes. Only after the 3D data has been created can we calculate these parameters. Most of the prototyping that we do is in-house. Typical stereolithography prototype leadtimes are about 3 to 4 working days plus any assembly time thereafter.
5How can I get started?
We will provide an initial consultation and quote for a flat rate of $250.00 to discuss your idea. Payment can be made using cash or check. If you decide to proceed with the product design and development process, then all we need is a signed/dated copy of the quote and a 50% deposit to begin work on your project.
6Is my idea protected?
We encourage all of our customers to provide non-disclosure agreements to anybody that comes in contact with their ideas. Furthermore, Geometrix Engineering requires all of its vendors to sign the Geometrix Engineering Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement. We encourage our clients to pursue intellectual property protection by using a patent attorney to complete a thorough patent search and to file for a patent as soon as possible.