3D Printing from Geometrix Engineering

The uPrint SE Plus 3D printer & a Fusion3 3D printers uses Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology to build in real "ABS, PC/ABS, PLA, and more" in regards to the materials that I can 3D print thermoplastic, creating models and functional prototypes that are durable, stable and pinpoint accurate. With nine colors to chose from, you can create realistic prototypes and marketing models. Use them to evaluate form, fit and function in everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes.

Use the form below to upload your STL or other CAD files.

Accepted file formats include: STEP, IGES, PARASOLID, OR STL.

Any file type(s) can also be combined and submitted in Zip format but only 3D CAD files can be instantly quoted.

CAD files are used by our machines directly to create 3D parts of your design.

Additional reference files can be submitted using the special file uploader including: ZIP, DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, JPG, TIF, EDPRT.

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