Services Geometrix Engineering, Inc. Provides

  • Product Design and Development

    Mechanical and electromechanical design from concept to production
  • Mechanical Design

    We use science and engineering to develop products that provide the fit/form/function requirements of the client
  • Concept to Production

    From “napkin sketch” or verbal description to fully functional production-intent designs and prototypes
  • 3d modeling

    Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 and Creo 2.0 Parametric Modeling Software for “clean-sheet” design and/or reverse engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Services

    SLA, ProJet, Objet/Connex, FDM, ZCorp, DMLS, Urethanes, and more
  • Electro-Mechanical Design

    We can design and integrate anything from motors to custom embedded controllers into custom consumer products and electronics…from the most simple products to very complex products
  • Engineering Models

    Not only do we provide rapid prototyping services, but we provide CNC machined prototypes as well. We assemble all of the components to provide a functional prototype
  • Reverse Engineering

    Aircraft engine and aircraft interior components for FAA-PMA approval
  • Embedded Microcontrollers

    Develop custom schematics, PCB layout, bill of materials, and PCB fabrication
  • Sensors

    Integration of sensors into products including temperature, pressure, proximity, GPS, RF, and more
  • Stepper Motors

    Integration of stepper motors into products for precise movement
  • Consumer Products

    Design of products for the consumer market as well as industrial products and fixturing for the machine shop, assembly line, or factory floor
  • Medical Devices

    Spinal products, walker and wheelchair products
  • FAA-PMA Components

    Reverse engineering of aircraft engine and aircraft interior components, creation of all 3D models and assemblies as well as ASME Y14.5M drawing packages
  • Child Products

    Teethers, pacifiers, child locator devices